Quest for Happiness

For the past many days, I was wanting to bring a change. A change in the way I survived in this world. And guess what, today I brought that thirst for a change into reality. I woke up early, being a holiday on the auspicious day of Mahashivarathri, my head said to me to go back to sleep. But somewhere deep down my heart, I wanted to bring this change. Maybe because I knew that if I don’t bring in, then I might just survive rather than live. Because I wanted to live, get away from the monotonous lifestyle. I wanted to put my mark on the world where people forget to live. This thought inspired me, I woke up, climbed out of my bed and opened up my window. Just then, a cold breeze just touched me and entered my room. The moment the breeze took me in its arm, I felt the urge to sleep as the thought of sleeping felt divine. But then, I heard the birds chirping. It had been quite a long time since i had heard them sing, maybe because i never bothered to hear them or maybe because i was tied up in my routine. I looked up and saw the sky, which was changing its tone with the rising sun. I felt close to nature, I felt close to God. A smile popped up on my face. I don’t know from where, but a feeling of happiness filled my heart. I made my cup of tea and sat by my window and enjoyed the beauty of the sight, allowing my mind to wander, as all that it had been doing is meeting up deadlines and prioritizing things. I felt good to step out of the routine. To find time for myself.

I felt as if I found the hapiness I was searching for…… Hope you would find yours soon…..:)

I fe

Being Strong

Hi Guys!!!! I wanted to write this story for a long time.


This incident happened, when I was in Mumbai for my internship. Just like most of the Mumbaiwallee’s, I also preferred the local train for my daily commuting. And like any other girl, my aim was also for the ladies compartment. But this day, I was forced to enter the general compartment as the ladies compartment was overflowing and it was already late, waiting for another train was not a good option. I pushed myself to find my way and I did without any trouble, as the crowd entering the compartment took me with them. I was glad that like the usual ladies compartment scene, there was no need for me to get ready as I am in a battle field prepared to charge into my approaching foes. This time it was simple and just as I entered, my eyes fell on a girl, alone in the midst of the male dominating crowd. I was glad to see her. I don’t know why, but I was, maybe because I had a company. Just as our eyes met, I gave her a good smile, a good 1000watt smile; but her expressions were different, she acted weird. I wondered what the matter was!! Was it my smile that made her feel uncomfortable or was it something else!!! I was sure it was not my smile; even though I didn’t have a fan following for my smile, I honestly believed that it was beautiful; at least people would smile back if I smiled at them. But then why, what was weird here?? I scanned around through the crowd, an investigation to soothe my ego that, it was not my smile that was the problem.

That is when my eyes fell on a middle aged man right behind her. His eyes were red and he was of a hefty built. I was not sure of whether he was drunk, but he didn’t seem so fine. He messing up with the girl, he was disturbing the girl. He was murmuring something into her ears, touching her here and there. The girl tried to move a step forward, but the man caught her duppata and was allowing her to move away. I looked around on whether anyone was noticing about what was happening. I found that some did, but just neglected. I then took a deep sigh and then…. I turned back. Yeah, I turned back!!! I just neglected it as the others. I wanted to help her, of course I did. But I feared being alone. I didn’t do it wrong right! That is what we all do right.

That’s when a feeling came rushing to my mind; a voice deep within me was asking on whether I lacked guts to face the situation, and help the girl out. But then, somewhere else in my head another voice croaked that, this my life and I am not a part of any movie, where I in a Rajnikant or Jackie Chan Style kick up the man, save the girl and hence be a hero!!!Come on, I am not that strong. I am just an ordinary girl and by looking at me you might feel that I am like Bruce Lee, but I know that I am weak.

Then the voice again spoke mockingly on me asking me what is the difference between me and the rest of those who were there in the compartment. I speak about change, but I never initiate it on my own. Then, I am a person with words but no action. I felt bad on what I did. My brain now took control of the situation. I turned back at her smiled at her, but this time reassuringly. I then went next to her asked whether the guy was misbehaving, she nodded. I didn’t waste much time. I asked the guy to move away from her and leave her alone. He started shouting and yelling at me. Then he started using abusive language. I really wished from the bottom of my heart that, I hadn’t invited this. As it all started to seem, as if was falling from my hand. But I acted defensively, I said that I saw him misbehaving and but there is no need of any proof to state my point, other than the girl who is the victim and I myself who is the witness.

Now, this man came forward to me. He stood so close to me. I felt that I was going to lose. But then too I had a hope, a hope that someone will come to our aid. I stood strong and tall because I knew that I was helping someone who deserved help. I was proud of myself that I took such a step. All I thought was about my sister. I saw my sister in that girl. What if my sister needed help of such a sort one day? Who would come to her Aid!! This thought made me more confident. But this confidence also started fading as the man started to call me all sort of bad words, whose meanings I am yet to learn.

Just then, by God’s grace a young man jumped from behind and started to support us (if this was a Bollywood movie trust me he would have been the hero). Similarly, one by one many started speaking up. When all of a sudden everyone came out to help us, this man startled I guess. He stood confused and he moved to the entrance of the compartment and stood there. He got down at the approaching station. That girl was now standing next to me holding my hand tight, looked at me and gave me a very good smile. Her smile said to me that she was relieved. I smiled back at her too. I gave a smile to the hero too and also to many around me who supported us. And as my station came I got down. I was feeling happy. Feeling strong. Feeling contented.

I then realized that the first step that we keep forward may not be with confidence of a victory, but at times that first step leads us to a victory. Similarly, even you are not strong acting that you are strong itself makes you strong.

“Don’t ever fee…

“Don’t ever feel disheartened for comparing others glories with yours; They might have reached the moon by now and you are still on the clouds, but what if your next leap takes you to the Stars?. So always remember that the difference between you and others is that you have different lives and belong to different stories; so rather than worrying lets work on making our story better.”


Have you ever wondered how a friend of yours talk ill about ( or point out that he hates)  some one you both commonly know, and the very next second you find that same person behaving personally very well with the person whom he was just talking about!!!!!


Dont worry its not a rare phenomenon. And for your kind information, from now on just remember that if he can backstab someone like that, you also have all possible chances to be stabbed by him soon. so its better to play safe with such people. These categories of people are experts in their fields. You never know your call. They are people with huge amount of people skills as they know to handle ppeople really well. This category of people can be said to have  multiple personality or to put forward in lay man terms they are just “perfect actors”. 


The speciality of these actors are that they know how to deal with varied types of people around them, with respect to the necessity and the situation. They create a good impression on others and for that they can go to any exent. They use this impression to suck out all that they can earn from you. And they can easily turn up the chair against you.


But these people are very silent players and hence you never know when you are encountering with one of these actors. These people are the ones you must always stay away from but as you would never know them its always better to interact with people safely. 


I have had lots of experience in this field, but still fall trap to it, that’s when I m taking a resolution to stay away from these kind of people. And I thought maybe you also deserved to know the warning sign, as I don t want you to repeat my mistakes in trusting people blindly. 


So till my next note, play safe and do things with a smile and for a smile.


*If you too have something to add about this topic add it to the comments. So that many can expand their knowledge. 😉

A Soft Touch

Hi all!! I m back with my another note. But this time,rather than focusing on others I thought focusing on ourselves is really important as if u need a change you need to start from within yourself. I have my own ideologies my ideas on how I would live my life and there are many thoughts which formed the frame work of these ideologies like, ” Do unto others as you want them to do unto you”; ” If I react to a person the way he reacts to me then what is the difference between me and him” and many more. All this while I was stuck to my ideas infact i didnt ever dream of leaving them. I took them to be a part of me. I infact loved and cared for people around me expecting to earn that same care and love, not of the same amount but atleast which was evident. Same is the case with many out there too. They have their ideologies which they are clinging on to. But how long will they is a matter of concern.

There are many who eternally love the surroundings to which I belong to, the people they meet along the journey of life, with a hard determination of never hating anyone, they never cared for the riches and glamour, as they believed in simplicity, they gave help to those who asked for and even those who didn’t, they stood up for what was wrong, stood with the people who needed help,they give all that they have to people around them and even if nothing was left for them they remain happy that they shared all that they had with others, they keep on re-examining their lives with the teachings they got from School or Church or even books, they radiate only positivity, Keep a smile on their face even when it was hurting deep down without complaining, but they are always considered as poems written of only silent lines; Deeds which was never expressed nor appreciated rather than which was trampled and crushed with jealousy and possesiveness.

I have known many around me who have done so much for others and still are never thanked or appreciated for out of which many are haunted . I have seen mothers working hard for her kids and who end up considering them to be as a burden. I have known wives who keep on expressing their love for their husbands but always earn complaints, their care to be defined as irritation. I have known people who have done lots for their friends and even for those who dnt deserve their help, but ends up humiliating them when they get a chance. And many more to add into the list. These examples can also add up with your experiences.

But here, I just want my note to be a light to those who are still clinging on to whom they are:

” Never let the others decide whom you have to be. Be proud of whom you are. You are just like a superhero in this human race who can give hope and joy. The people around you might make you think that now its right time you change or you will suffer. But always remember that the decision on how you live your life is to be taken by yourself. If you are still planning to reamin who you are, then I would say that is the better option but you just need to bring a change, you just have to make your heart strong. Stop expecting. When you stop expecting back you will be moving with a free heart. And just do your part. Because this world works on the basis of energies, if you have generated good vibes and your life will also be filled with good ones, if you have not earned them till now wait without losing your heart. As no matter whatever happens you will earn what you deserve.” 

But if u are on the other side, ie.,”if you have taken anyone for granted! or if you have you not expressed or said what you should have said before! or have not repayed for a good deed some one has done to you ,then its better you get back soon. And live a life set before you.”


And for those who know a person who has a soft touch, be the hope of the person, what if the person is not getting back what he deserves you can always fill the gap, never let the person lose hope in himself. And dnt add up to the persons misery by confusing them with thoughts of changing them, but be proud ( as you have known an angel in disguise) and make them know that you are proud to have known them. Or else slowly slowly the goodness of this world would go extinct.


So all thats all for today. So till my next note god bless you all. 


What do Girls want!!!

Hi, guys. I m back. This time I thought A note on this is a necessity as many have this questions in their minds. Thses are the charecteristics of a women( atleast most of them), which most of them you know but never care about. (‘Or think that these are worth neglecting as we are men and we are meant for that’- joking )


  1. They want to feel special not only with gifts ( they dnt care even if it is a small toffee , they dont always prefer expensive ones) but through expressions.
  2. They want others to tell them how beautiful they are, and express their love for them.
  3. They can bear anything from the people they love, even that means hurting themselves.
  4. They can sacrifice.
  5. They can bear pains.
  6. They blindly trust people.
  7. They think that others will understand them, without them saying a word. 
  8. You would never know the exact times you have hurted them as, they just bring up their iirritation and frustration when it exceeds their tolerance level till then they bear it.
  9. They are a great source of motivation and inspiration.
  10. They make us feel complete.
  11. They wont ever question your love for them.
  12. They would not dare to listen anything bad about the people they love.
  13. They would do anything for those whom they love, but if its something for themselves then, they would neglect it if it has to bother anyone.
  14. They might not seem strong at heart as their tears tend to flow each and everytime their heart aches, but they can tear apart the world if they would wish too as they have strong will power.
  15. They dream alot and atlast feel bad when not all of those dreams are not fullfilled ( and most of these dreams where not for them it was for those whom they love).
  16. They have great expectations that their husbands would express their love more oftenly.
  17. They always wished to earn some gratittude for the work they have done for others. But they dont care working again for them even if they dont earn any grattitude.
  18. They can read the hearts of the ones they love.
  19. They deeply wish that the people they care for wont embarrass them infront of others.
  20. They are hoping for a day that will come in their life when things would end up like in the begining, even when they know it would not happen.
  21. No matter how much you hurt them they would love you.
  22. They understand what is peace at heart as they dont have it.
  23. They can sacrifice a great deal and you cant ever know how much as it depends on the situation.
  24. You would never know whats in their mind.

If you have a woman in your life whether that be your mom, sister, lover or wife. Just introspect for all that they have done and compare with these you may find many of them going perfectly hand in hand and then just analyse about what you have done for them.

These are some of the charecteristics about women which I took from around me. There are still more. But even if I list them out I dont think that there would be any use, as you would nod your head and then forget about all this. BUt after reading this if you feel that if you have neglected some important person, please do atleast this time express their value in your life.


Till my next note take care guys.



Some Lessons From My Life

Hi guys!! Our life is such a big journey and we keep on learning many things. Each individual learns different lessons. But trust me life is a good teacher. So if you have not learnt from life then you will never.

These are my learning from life. Hope it might help you too.


  1. Don’t ever do unto others as you want them to do unto you.
  2. It’s expected that you never expect from anyone.
  3. If you expect your “chaddi buddies” to be with you forever then you are a fool.
  4. Once if you start sacrificing for someone then you might end up sacrificing for them throughout your life.
  5. No matter how badly you express your love for the people whom you love; don’t ever expect that from them then there is no meaning for all that you have experienced.
  6. Don’t ever trust a person who speaks a lot of filmy dialogue.
  7. Life is simple for those who keep it so.
  8. “Sacrifice” is the old mantra; “Don’t expect” is the new.
  9. No matter whatever you do to help others to know your perspective, they will never understand it until and unless they want to. So stop your part, do so when the ask for.
  10. No matter how good you are people won’t appreciate you for that; but if ever by chance you do something wrong you will find many fingers pointing to you.
  11. If you keep your parents and their expectations ahead of yours then in future don’t complain that you are not living a life you always wanted to.
  12. If you are emotional then you are a retard.
  13. Whenever you listen to your heart you end up doing something stupid.
  14. Women tend to be more complex when they start to explain themselves to others.
  15. Being creative is more important than being smarter.
  16. Don’t try helping others unless they have asked for your help.
  17. Everything has a beauty only in the beginning.
  18. All stories are not written to have happy endings; it depends on the characters who tend to live those stories.
  19. God doesn’t make couples who are made for each other; it’s up to the couples to prove that they are made for each other.
  20. A Boy becomes a Man only when he starts respecting a woman’s feelings.
  21. No one can be happy forever.
  22. No one is perfect; so are you and hence don’t expect it from others too.




You will find yourself here………